Well! Talk about spoilt for choice Fashionista’s!

This season is positively (love that word!) brimming with styles, colour palettes and patterns perfect for any occassion. With Christmas just around the corner (i know I know..sorry!) we are always keeping an eye out for that little “must have” that will carry us through from dinner parties at home to BBQ’s at friends and even a day out with friends…so with the weather on the up I have been trawling magazines and with my recent trips to Bali & Singapore..i can tell you little Cotton shifts, linen pants (yes..elastic waists are fab!) and good quality linen shirts are the items to have. i have never thought you have to buy the most expensive items in order to fit in..just buy the best quality you can afford. Navy/Greys/white/orange/green and fabulous patterns are everywhere and we can all wear various shades of most colours…if you’re abit “iffy” on anything you want to try but aren’t sure..pop in and see me at the shop..we can go through it together! Happy shopping!

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