Well, here we are..THAT time of the year when time and patience run short….word to the wise…..when you’re sitting in traffic and someone cuts you off and you would normally fume..just smile, be calm and let them have just done a good thing..quite apart from keeping your blood pressure from may well have avoided a nasty accident!  Let other people rush around and act like headless don’t have to. Plan in advance as much as you can and remember..better to get there late than not at all!


Enjoy the warm Summer months safely and with a good heart. Spend time with those who you rarely may mean the world to them and only takes a little of your time. Be kind to those less fortunate and take a minute (or even a few!) to really sit back and be thankful for all that you have.  I still send off hand written xmas cards every year and I don’t do it to get one back..i do it because i get a kick out of it and want all my friends to know I am thinking of them at this time of the year and many times throughout. It’s not rocket science really…take the time..make the time…’ll make you feel good.


A very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all and may 2017 be full of colour, love, new adventures and opportunities to make lots of wonderful new memories.


See ya in 2017!!!


C x

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