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Every Year is  new idea’s , new priorities, new opportunties & new things to try.  It would be nice if the weather played ball I have to say far..sunshine has been elusive and that makes it hard to know what to wear and what to put into storage and what to keep ready…

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Well, here we are..THAT time of the year when time and patience run short….word to the wise…..when you’re sitting in traffic and someone cuts you off and you would normally fume..just smile, be calm and let them have just done a good thing..quite apart from keeping your blood pressure from may well have…

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Well! Talk about spoilt for choice Fashionista’s! This season is positively (love that word!) brimming with styles, colour palettes and patterns perfect for any occassion. With Christmas just around the corner (i know I know..sorry!) we are always keeping an eye out for that little “must have” that will carry us through from dinner parties…

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